Work Shop

Kirikane is the technique that is not known very much in Japan either.
I open up a workshop to spread Kirikane.
It is the workshop for pupils and their parents in the Ishikawa Prefectural Art Museum as follows on 23rd February, 2014. 

At first, I had them really touch it to have them know what kind of thing gold leaf was.
 They said, "It is thin and sticks to the hand ! "
 "Yes. It is difficult to cut it, and to put it if so fragile".


I heated gold leaf, and it is necessary to give enough thickness in total to make it easy to treat thin gold leaf in Kirikane.

I did a demonstration to cut the gold leaf which kept thickness, and to put afterwards.
Participants looked very eagerly.

Then, let’s try !
They cut gold leaf in favorite form and put to the construction paper.

Children are very skillful with their hands, and the creativity is rich, too. "Fireworks", "fish", "lotus", "lighthouse"…. The works of small great masters are below.