Process of Kirikane

(1)Making bamboo sword

Prepare the well-dried bamboo to make a sword for Kirikane. The reason of making the bamboo sword is because the gold leaf is naturally attached to the metal sword by static electricity. Cut down the bamboo’s inside with small knife for carving, and its remaining outside part with skin becomes like a blade or sward by being shaved-out.

(2)Heating gold leaf
The thickness of gold leaf is only about ten thousand parts 1mm. It is too thin for us to process it for Kirikane. Heat the 5-6 sheets of them together with charcoal in order to make thick gold leaf. Then, wrinkles of crepe-like come about on the gold leaf. These wrinkles promise to give the flexibility to gold leaf, and allow to draw a pattern freely.

Cutting gold leaf

Put the thickened gold leaf on the working table covered with deer skin and cut it with sliding the bamboo sword. According to the desired work, cut out the gold leaf 0.1 mm width to 1 mm by eye measure.

(4)Putting gold leaf
Work with brushes in each hand. Roll a cut out linear gold leaf around the one of the brush, and, hanging the rolled gold leaf down on the upper side of tip of another blush included glue, put it on the desired place by operating this glued blush. The cut-out gold wire is too thin to draft the guideline for it. It is because the line remains uncovered there. All the work depends on eye’s judgment.