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    Special planed Contemporary Japanese Crafts: Reinterpretation, Exquisite Craftsmanship, and Aesthetic Exploration

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    The following 10 works by Akane Yamamoto will be on exhibit.
    ・The “Snow Light” from “Usugumo (A Wreath of Cloud)”, Chapter 19 of The Tale of Genji
    ・“Minori (The Law)”, Chapter 40 of The Tale of Genji
    ・Kirikane Glass Tea Bowl “Morning Glory”
    ・Kirikane Glass Rectanglar Plate “Propagation”

    Kirikane Glass Dish “Flower Wheel”
    ・Kirikane Glass Incense container “Happy Plum Blossom”
    ・Kirikane Glass Incense container “Selflessness”
    ・Kirikane Glass Incense container “
    Wake Robin
    ・“Leaf of Words

    ●Kyoto venue
    Dates:  September 18 – December 5, 2021
    Place:   Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art
    Closed: Mondays (except Sep 20, Nov 22, Nov 29), Sep 21

    ●Nagoya venue
    Dates:  February 5 -February 27, 2022
    Place:   Matsuzakaya Art Museum

  • Currently Open

    GAMEN NO MONDAI (Diversity of Surface-Painting and Craft Works)

    For more about this exhibition, click here.

    The following works by Akane Yamamoto will be on exhibit.
    ・“Kiritsubo ”, Chapter 1 of  The Tale of Genji
    ・The Shining Road from “Fuji no Uraba ”, Chapter 33 of  The Tale of Genji
    ・“Futari Shizuka ”

    Dates: October 9- December 12 , 2021
    (Closed on Mondays, the day following national holidays)
    Place: Yoshizawa Memorial Museum of Art,Sano
    Address: 1-14-30 Kuzuu-Higashi, Sano City, Tochigi 327-0501 Japan

  • Thirty Years of Toyama Institute of Glass Art : Forms for the Future

    The following work by Akane Yamamoto will be on exhibit.
    “Momijinoga (The Festival of Red Leaves)”, Chapter 7 of The Tale of Genji

    Dates: October 23- January 23 , 2022
    Closed : First and Third Wednesdays (except November 3, 2021), November 10, 2021, December 29, 2021– January 1, 2022
    Place: Toyama Glass Art Museum