• EXHIBITIONS page was updated.

  • Now on display.

    “Leaf Boat”  is on display at The British Museum.

  • Solo Exhibition

    Dates: May 25 – May 31
    Place:  Art Gallery, Sogo Yokohama Department Store, Kanagawa

    Tale of Genji Series:Chapter3,"Utsusemi"
    Tale of Genji Series:Chapter3,"Utsusemi"
    Tale of Genji Series:Chapter45,"Hashihime"
    Tale of Genji Series:Chapter45,"Hashihime"
  • The 67th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

    Akane Yamamoto's “Kasasagi Bridge” has been selected as part of the exhibition.

    Please visit the exhibition webpage to learn more about dates and venues.

  • Published in “The Japan Times (On Sunday Edition)” 

    An article was published in “The Japan Times (On Sunday Edition, VOL.60, NO.21)” on May 24.

    A whole page was devoted to feature story about Akane Yamamoto’s works.

    It would be great if you could read it.