Hibikiau Bi(Resonating Beauty)” Group Exhibition

山本 茜

Hibikiau Bi(Resonating Beauty) Yoshinori Tsuchiya, Masayasu Mitsuke, and Akane Yamamoto

A three person group exhibition will take place at Gallery NOW in Toyama city.
Akane Yamamoto will showcase her work along with Yoshinori Tsuchiya, a textile artist who has been designated a Living National Treasure for his mastery of Monsha(a delicate figured-gauze fabric), and Masayasu Mitsuke, a ceramicist known for his work with a style of Kutani-ware called Akae, which features intricate designs depicted with red overglaze enamel.
Both individual and collaborative work will be showcased.
All of Akane Yamamotos featured work will be new work. Please come by to view the work in person.

Incense container : lid by Akane Yamamoto / shifuku (drawstring bag) by Yoshinori Tsuchiya / main body by Masayasu Mitsuke