The 65th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

山本 茜

Akane Yamamoto's Kirikane Glass flower vase “Mizukagami (Water Reflection)” has been selected as part of the exhibition.

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[About the Piece]

Peering into the water, we see our reflection on the surface – but as the wind blows, or raindrops fall, and the fish leap, the image is swept away by the ripples. When the surface returns to its peaceful state, the reflection has changed. Even this very moment becomes the past with the blink of an eye, and things continue to change; but this is also why the present moment shines through.

The foot of the vase is carved to a wide angle, which allows the whole structure to gather and radiate light. The depression on the top not only functions as a basin for water, but also has the effect of making the glass vanish, drawing the beholder’s eye deeper into the piece. Looking at the piece from the bottom, one will see the Kirikane designs reflected in the depression with beautiful complexity. I hope that viewers will observe and enjoy the piece from many angles.


“Mizukagami (Water Reflection)”